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Top 10 most frequently asked questions- Property management

Q1. How do I change property management companies?


A) It's quick and easy.


If your property is being managed by another agent and you want to change for any reason, complete the form below - Transfer Management Form and then send this form to your managing agent and onto us via:



Post- PO Box 169, Swansea NSW 2281


Click here for transfer management form.


Alternatively, contact one of our friendly team members and we will handle the whole process for you.


We will then notify the tenant(s) and collect the keys and existing documents from your managing agent. We've made changing agents a simple and stress free process from start-to-finish!



Q2. Can I choose who rents my property?


A) Yes, you have complete control over this process at all times.


We write the advert and complete the marketing campaign for the property, hold home opens, find and interview interested tenants and then process a short list of application forms.


We only present tenants that meet our strict selection criteria and we make sure that the property suits their desired location and is close to the features that are important to them. Meaning both parties have the best chance of being satisfied with the transaction.



Q3. What happens if my tenant doesn't pay the rent?


A) If your tenant stops paying their rent we will terminate their lease, no exceptions.


In short we make life very difficult for tenants who continually miss paying their rent or stop paying their rent via emails, texts, phone calls, letters, breaches and again termination. Fortunately, when you pay particular attention in choosing the right tenants from the start, with satisfactory rental history, TICA checks, personal and workplace references, then you can help avoid problems like this happening.



Q4. How long will it take to find a tenant for my property?


A) Unfortunately there is no exact answer to this question. The time frame really depends on a number of factors.


However; the quality of the company you choose, the marketing material that's created and the advertisement methods employed will have a direct impact on the amount of time needed to rent your property.


For every campaign we tailor the marketing material and advertisement methods for your individual property. We don't employ a one size fits all approach. This customisation ensures the very best tenant is attracted to your property at the very best price and lease terms possible.



Q5. What is a bond, and how much bond do you collect from the tenant?


A) A bond is monies held in a trust account with the State Bond Administrator to ensure the tenant keeps your property in the state they received it in.


We always collect 4 weeks of bond from every tenant before they move into the property. 



Q6. What is involved in a For Rent campaign? How do you promote my property?


A) What we do behind the scenes for a For Rent campaign is explained in general by the following steps:


Step 1- Rent price- After inspecting the property first hand and analysing the market through our customised software platform, we'll present a report detailing the price/ pw which research and our experience says is achievable.


Step 2- Initial Pre-Marketing Search-We search our database to see if we already have interested pre-registered tenants.


Step 3- Prepare your property- We'll make sure your property is 100% legally compliant to receive a tenant, particularly assessing the Residual Current Device (RCD), smoke alarms and pool/spa.

We also want to want to present your property in its best light, this could potentially mean cleaning up the garden areas and hiring professionals to go through the internals from top to bottom (this action alone can increase your rent considerably).


Step 4- Marketing photographs and advertisement text- Firstly, we need photographs for any form of advertisement, if you have quality photographs available, fantastic we can use these, if not, we'll engage an experienced team member to obtain quality photographs of your property. Additionally, we'll be writing the text to complement the advertisement covering all elements of the property, its notable features and its surrounding location.


Step 5- Launch- We will upload the property online to,, and This maximises the property's market exposure and ensures the very best tenants and the best price that is possible.


.Step 6- Home opens- We'll conduct home opens usually  on weekdays after-hours (5pm-6:30pm) and on weekends when required on Saturday(Between 9:30am-4pm). Sunday inspection will only be by appointment. Tenants are people and commonly people can't attend a 10am inspection on Monday as they're typically at work (completing midday, weekday inspections is a common problem facing many real estate companies).


Step 7- Tenant- We'll receive and process, reference checks, ascertain if they can afford the property and check the national data base (TICA) to ensure an acceptable rent history. We'll then present tenants that meet our strict selection criteria, for your decision.


Step 8- Sign up and confirmation- Once you decide from a short list of tenants, we'll quickly sign them up with a tenancy agreement and get them to pay the bond and 2 weeks of rent in advance (2 weeks is the legal maximum we can charge a tenant in advance).


 The above is a generalised overview, if we went into each action there would be 50 steps and there's not enough room in this pop-open screen to fit this. If you want further clarification on the specific steps involved please contact us on 40499127.



Q7. Do I need landlords insurances?


A) "Prepare and prevent, don't repair and repent."


As this quote suggests, we recommend getting landlord insurance for your property. For a minimal fee you and your property are protected in multiple ways. We've almost made it a compulsory policy for every client we manage. In saying that, there is no legal requirement for landlords insurance so we encourage landlords to do their own due diligences.



Q8. What do I do if I want to sell my property? Can I sell my property with a tenant still in it?


A) Yes, you can sell your property with a tenant and yes we can help.


We can discuss this with our sales team and pass on all the required infomation and have someone contact you to dicuss in detail.



Q9. When do I get paid?


A) As a company we complete our payments running monthly which will be displayed on an account statement.



Q10. How should I know what my property will rent for?


A) Knowing exactly what a property should rent for is an art form that constantly changes (as the market is constantly changing). Firstly, we have a customised software program that assesses many factors (for example comparable properties, location, median price etc.) and provides an indication of rental price. Secondly, we're looking at rental properties 12 hours a day, 6/7 days a week, which gives us unique knowledge into what factors detract and add to the rental price of a property.



 If you have any questions/ queries, our friendly team are only to happy too answer by simply calling 40499127 or filling out your details on the contact us page.